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Student clubs and organizations – Regulation - Notifications

2018 Oklahoma Statutes
Title 70. Schools
§70-24-105. Student clubs and organizations – Regulation - Notifications.

Universal Citation: 70 OK Stat § 70-24-105 (2018)

A. The board of education of each school district shall have full power and authority to regulate, control or prohibit any fraternity, sorority, secret society, club or group composed in whole or in part of students enrolled in the school district if it deems it advisable and in the best interest of the school program to do so.

B. Each board of education shall adopt policies and procedures to annually notify parents or guardians of students about clubs and organizations sponsored by or under the direction and control of the school. The annual notification about clubs and organizations shall be by means of the student handbook and by posting on the Internet website for the school district or if the school district does not have an Internet website by another appropriate method. The annual notification shall include, but is not limited to, the following information about each club or organization:

1. Name;

2. Mission or purpose; and

3. Name of the faculty advisor, if known.

C. If clubs or organizations are created or formed after the annual notification is distributed, the school district shall send additional notification to the parents or guardians containing information about the additional clubs or organizations consistent with the requirements set forth in subsection B of this section.

D. The policy adopted by each board of education shall provide parents or guardians of students with an opportunity to notify school administration that the parent or guardian is withholding permission for a student to join or participate in one or more clubs or organizations. The policy shall only apply to participation in clubs and organizations that are extracurricular and shall not apply to participation in clubs and organizations that are necessary for a required class of instruction. Parents or guardians shall be responsible for preventing their student from participating in a club or organization in which permission is withheld. Parents or guardians shall also be responsible for retrieving their student from attendance at a club or organization in which permission is withheld. Nothing in this subsection shall prevent a club or organization from meeting when a student who is not authorized to be in the club or organization is present at such meeting.

E. For purposes of this section:

1. “Clubs and organizations” means a club or organization comprised of students that is organized and meets for common goals, objectives, or purposes, and that is directly under the sponsorship, direction, and control of the school; and

2. “Competitive interscholastic activity or event” means activities held under the auspices or sponsorship of a school district that involves students enrolled in that school district competing against individuals or groups of students representing other school districts.

Added by Laws 1971, c. 281, § 24-105, eff. July 2, 1971. Amended by Laws 2009, c. 118, § 1, eff. Nov. 1, 2009.