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January 10, 2022


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Over the course of the last year, Banner Public School leadership team has worked closely with many different groups to make adjustments to protocols and procedures, while maintaining a safe and healthy climate for both students and employees.


Positive COVID case

ANY student or staff who tests positive for COVID must remain home in isolation for 5 days from the date of their positive COVID test with a return on the 6th day fever free while wearing mask for the next 5 days at school.


Quarantine due to exposure

Students and faculty who have been exposed to COVID at or outside of school, will have the option to quarantine under the following guidelines:


Option A: Student or faculty will quarantine for a period of 5 calendar days. All instruction will be given virtually through Seesaw, Google Classroom, and other teacher led initiatives.


The only way to move from Option A to Option B is if the student or faculty member tests negative on day 5 of quarantine. After receiving the negative test, the student or the faculty may return on day 6 but must complete the remainder of their 10 day quarantine wearing a mask.

Option B: Student or faculty can still attend school in person after an exposure but they MUST wear a mask on all school grounds for a period of 10 calendar days. If the student or faculty are caught without a mask during this time, they will be automatically transitioned to Option A to complete the remainder of their quarantine.


If a student or faculty member has any member of their household that tests positive for COVID, that student or faculty member must quarantine for 5 calendar days. If that student or family member tests positive within those 5 calendar days, the student or faculty member will have to quarantine for a total of 5 calendar days from the date of their positive COVID case. They may return on day 6 without fever for 24 hours followed by 5 days of wearing a mask.


*Under rare circumstances, if a student or faculty has had direct, close contact with a positive COVID case, administration may require a quarantine if needed. If quarantine is required by administration, a negative COVID test on day 5 may end the at home quarantine period on day 6, but the student or staff member must wear a mask the remainder of the 10 day quarantine period.

**If at any time a class is at 25% or more absences, the whole class may be required to quarantine and move to virtual instruction.

***If at any time the school is at 25% or more absences, the school may be required to quarantine and go to virtual instruction.

****If at any time Banner Public School has a positive COVID rate of 5% of the student population, a mask mandate in accordance with the injunction to SB 658 will take into effect.

25% absent rate of entire staff and/or 25% absent rate of teachers will result in a pivot to virtual learning during that time. 11 / 41 or 6 / 22


Parent Responsibilities

Parents MUST contact the school if students are exposed outside of school settings.


Parents are responsible for reporting sickness and other illness to the school secretary by phone or email, including a positive COVID case, as soon as possible to help prevent the spread of infection. (405) 262-0598 or cheupel@banner.k12.ok.us


Parents should get their child tested at the onset of symptoms. Quarantine will begin on the day of the positive COVID test.


If parents are waiting on a test result, the student should remain in isolation until test results are back.



Banner School will be closed to outside groups or individuals until further notice. Visitors are not permitted in the cafeteria.  Breakfast and lunch are free to all students for the 2021-22 school year.


Parent Lunch visits are limited and require a sign up date/time.  This may be paused at any time due to increased risk with health and safety.


Visitors will only be permitted in the front entryway and main office for necessary reasons during school business, including student attendance and checkout. Appointments must be made and scheduled through school administration.



We will hold athletic competitions as normal while continuing to monitor our COVID conditions. Until further notice, all indoor spectators are encouraged to wear a mask while attending and asked to socially distance as much as possible. In the event that the school pivots to virtual instruction, athletes that are not COVID positive nor living in a house hold with a person testing positive, may participate in athletic events that are scheduled.


Sanitization & Cleaning

Classrooms, buildings, and buses are cleaned and sanitized daily utilizing but not limited to the use of Electrostatic systems.

Hand washing is encouraged frequently and hand sanitizer is available throughout the school.

Social distancing will be stressed and encouraged as much as we are able.



State Law prohibits requiring students and staff to receive a COVID vaccination prior to attending school. The CDC and Oklahoma State Department of Health recommend the vaccine for those who are eligible.


Special Education Services

Students with disabilities will be provided services on the IEP or 504 educational plan.


IEP and 504 Meetings may be conducted virtually or in-person.



If we are required to change our plans, we will communicate those changes with you by email, our website, voice messenger, and/or social media platforms.