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  1. Take your child to the library.
  2. Have your child read orally to you.
  3. Read to your child from the newspaper, magazines and good children's books.  Then ask questions to check for comprehension.
  4. Help your child study the weekly spelling list.
  5. Quiz your child on math facts.
  6. Help your child write letters to relatives and friends.  Stress neat handwriting.
  7. Encourage your child to keep a diary.
  8. Make mealtimes pleasant times for sharing good things with the whole family (no electronics or cell phones at the table!)
  9. Have your child help plan and cook a meal.  Read the recipe together and plan the shopping and preparation.
  10. Discourage junk foods.  Provide fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks.
  11. Stress good school attendance.
  12. Be sure your child gets enough rest.
  13. Be sure your child eats a good breakfast whether at home or at school.
  14. Be positive about school and about learning.
  15. Encourage your child with comments and praise for the good choices he/she makes.
  16. Have a particular study time away from distractions like television, video games and cell phones.  Provide a quiet and comfortable place to study.
  17. Encourage your child's creativity.  Help with school projects and work, but don't do them for your child.
  18. Remember that your child is unique.  Don't compare him/her to his/her siblings or to other children.
  19. Make sure your child has your undivided attention some time each day.
  20. Get acquainted with your child's teacher early in the school year.  Educating your child requires the combined efforts of both school and home.